Biography of Chiao Chang Hung

Grand Master Chiao Chang Hung was born to a family living at the foot of the Yi Wu Lu Mountain in the District of Jing Zhou, Liaoning Province China.

The Family of Grand Master Chiao made regular contributions to a temple nearby named San Cheng guan or San Cheng Temple, and had donated 10 acres of land.

Grand Master Chiao was gifted in the Chinese martial arts. In his teenage years, he had picked up several traditional martial arts from the family's security guards who are skilled Kung Fu fighters. He was taught Hsing-I, Pa Kua and Tai Chi Chuan from family, friends and General Liu Chi Yuan who was the Chief Instructor to the military in North East China.

In his spare time young Chiao enjoyed roaming the mountains. One day, when he was 16, Chiao visited San Cheng Temple. Walking around the compound he came to the backyard that was rather quiet, with a connection door securely closed. Spurred by curiosity, he climbed over the fenced wall. Inside, he saw a Taoist devotee sitting in deep meditation seemingly oblivious to this intrusion. Chiao, with his youthful indifference, walked around the backyard and eventually came to scrutinize the Taoist. After awhile, the Taoist opened his eyes and spoked to Chiao. Young and impulsive, Chiao quickly boasted of his martial art expertise. The Taoist devotee suggested that he demonstrate some of his capabilities, which Chiao did with great enthusiasm. When he finished, the Taoist devotee said to him: "That was quite spectacular, probably not very useful."

This reaction was not what Chiao expected. The Taoist devotee then extended his hand and put forward a finger in the form of a hook and said to him: "Now, if you can move me, I'll take back my words!" With all his effort, Chiao tried and tried but failed. In the end, he knelt on his knees and asked to be accepted as a student.

The Taoist, known as Lushan Daoren, told Chiao, "It is a fate that we meet. Your family has made many contributions to this temple in the past and they are greatly appreciate. If your father agrees, you may come and practice with me." Subsequently Chiao spent 2 intensive years of learning in seclusion in San Cheng Temple.

Thus is the encounter of Grand Master Chiao with Xi Sui Gong and how he started his life with Xiao Jiu Tian (Little Nine Heavens) systems of martial arts. Grand Master Chiao was the 33rd generation disciple and is the first non-devotee to be taught the complete arts of the system.

In his youth, Grand Master Chiao studied at the Japanese Military Academy. However, he was expelled from the Academy for misconduct when he defeated his Japanese instructor with his Chinese sword during one of the practice sessions.

During the Japanese War, Grand Master Chiao went back to China and became an intelligence officer. He was arrested by the Japanese and carried the physical scars left by the hellish torture he endured from the Japanese. Fortunately, he was rescued by his Japanese wife.

During the 1950s, Chiao migrated with General Chiang Kai Shek's government to Taiwan. He served as a government officer within National Security Department. During the time, he helped to promote the art of Kung Fu. Though various introductions and personal associations, he taught the art of Xi Sui Gong to, other Kung Fu masters, senators, generals and numerous students in Taiwan; and achieved the following positions and awards:

1. One of the only four holders of the title "Grand Master" awarded by the Taiwanese government
2. One of the founders of the Tai Chi Chuan Club, which is now the Tai Chi Chuan Association of Taiwan.
3. Chief Instructor of the National Taiwan Kung Fu Team.
4. Head Referee for the International Kung Fu Tournament
5. Advisor to the Chinese Kung Fu Reasearch Institute in Paris.
6. The first Grand Master to teach the art of Xi Sui Gong to the interested public.
7. The first and only to write and publish a book about the art of Xi Sui Gong. This book is an updated and compiled
version of his three previous works.

In the late 70s, Grand Master Chiao decided to open up the teachings of the Chinese intellectual art to the public. He only accepted students who showed sufficient spirit and commitment to learn the art. This dedication endures with his senior disciples who were chosen to spread the art. Master Carl Kao and Master Tan Ching Yun of Taiwan were chosen to teach others, as well as spread the named of Xi Sui Gong. The reason for his unique gift of knowledge was to pay homage to the loyal and generous body of people that represented the new found land of Chinese Renaissance - Taiwan.

Grand Master Chiao passed away in August of 2001 at the age of 89