Biography of Kao San Lun

Master Kao at the age of 16 started his studies and subsequently mastered the arts of Tang Shou Tao (a combination of Chinese martial arts), Chinese Physiotherapy and acupressure; from Taiwanese Master Hsu Hong-Chi who was one of the earliest to teach Kung-Fu in USA. The October 1975 issue of Inside Kung-Fu magazine hailed Master Hsu as an ambassador of Kung-Fu.

Subsequently, as a disciple of Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung, Master Kao practiced and mastered the arts of Little Nine Heaven System Master Kao also studied Pa Kua Chang, Tai Chi Chuan and Hsing-I Chuan (various forms of internal martial arts) from Grandmaster Chiao.

On an introduction from Grandmaster Chiao Chang Hung, Master Pan Wing-Chow taught Master Kao the art Chen Tai Chi (original style) Master Pan himself was a disciple of Master Chen Fu-Ke in Beijing who is a direct descendant of the Chen family of Henan, China.

As Master kao was studying and mastering the various forms of martial arts, he also took up Chinese medical studies from Doctor Wong Chi Chuan.

Due to Master Kao's vast experience in the fields of martial arts and Chi Kung, he has been awarded and honored by numerous Kung-Fu associations.

- In 1978 Master Kao's was appointed the Chief Instructor of Little Nine Heaven Systems under the Taipei Kung Fu association

- In 1980 Master Kao attained 4th grade in Tang Shou Tao.

- In 1981 Grand Master Chiao Chang Hung appointed Master kao as the Chief Instructor of Xi Sui Gong

- In 1983 the University of Life Manila, Philippines, engaged Master Kao as the Instructor of Qi Gong, martial arts and meditation

- In 1985 Master Kao became a permanent committee member of the Taipei Sport Association in Tang Shou Tao. During Master Kao's six year tenure as Kung-Fu Instructor at the Taipei University of Chinese Culture, the Dean, Dr. Chang Ghee Yuan, honored Master Kao as the top instructor.

- In 1987 master Kao became the Advisor to the Tang Shou Tao Tournament of Taipei and the Tang Shou Tao Association.

In the 1970s, Grandmaster Chiao sent Master Kao to teach Qi Gong in Taiwan. In the late 1970's master Kao started teaching Xi Sui Gong in malaysia where he now has many students including business people and important government ministers. In 1988 master Kao moved to the United States , he now regularly travels overseas every few months to teach his many students in malaysia , vietnam, japan and other countries..

In 1996 Master Kao started teaching a number of senior students the arts of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Pa Qua, Hsing-I, Little Nine Heaven and Xi Sui Gong in Tampa, Florida. Since Master Kao started teaching Qi Gong in Taiwan and later all over the world (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Indonesia) thousands of students took up Qi Gong from him merely through friends' recommendations.

Master Kao currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his family and travels regularly to Taiwan and Malaysia to teach his many students. To contact Master Kao, please E-Mail



Master Kao and Chiao Chang Hung